A unique know-how and unequalled benefits of Berger Lampe.

1. Its Patented Catalyctic Burner that has an unrivalled double action of air purifying & fragrancing power, eliminating odour causing molecules through its catalytic combustion process thus increasing level of oxygen in the air.

2. Removal of undesirable odours such as pets odours, cooking smells, tobacco smokes, bathroom odours, chemical pollutants, bacteria, virus and moulds.

3. Repelling insects such as mosquitoes, dust mites and other creepy crawlers.

4. Consist Aromatherapeutic and Aromacological virtues.

5. Our Original & Sophisticated Olfactory Solutions provides simultaneous diffusion of Home Fragrances which provides long lasting effects in the air.

6. The wide collection of exclusive Lampes created by the Brand with limited & precious editions by famous artisans and designers provide decoration for your living spaces.


1. Strict selection & rigorous control on all sensitive raw materials.

2. Compliance with standards & specifications that are very stringent in our sector.

3. Use of state-of-the-art technologies & protocols, protected by international patents.

4. Efficiency testing of its products by experts.

5. Guarantee of the quality and safety of the brand’s perfumes.

Our CEO who personally heads this project together with his R&D team & production team who have proven an extraordinary & exceptional capacity to mobilise their resources to help fight Covid-19! Priority is given as donations to the Rouen University Hospital & contribution to non-profit organisation & other health care professions.

In the meantime, all our Maison Berger Paris Fragranced or Neutral Essences can be utilised for the same purpose as a Sanitising Solution besides a Refill for our Berger Lampes for Disinfecting & Purification of Indoor Air!Let's make the best of this time together.

2 April 2020

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